Guarantees – Whole life insurance provides three

fundamental guarantees:

• A guaranteed level death benefit (guaranteed

face amount);

• A guaranteed level annual premium and premium

payment period; and

• Guaranteed increases in cash value.

Permanent life insurance protection – Whole life is

designed to provide permanent life insurance protection.

As long as the premiums are paid, the beneficiary is

guaranteed to receive the policy face amount at the death

of the insured.

Cash value – Your policy builds guaranteed cash value over

time which increases each year and will never decline in

value due to changes in market conditions. The cash value

that your whole life policy builds over time is an integral

part of the product design, which provides lifetime coverage

with guaranteed level premiums.

People buy different types of insurance policies to help protect themselves against the financial loss or

liability that may result from an unexpected event. Home owners and auto insurance are good examples.

These types of policies provide financial protection against losses due to certain risks. However, their

value is limited to the coverage that they provide over a specific period of time.

The following diagram illustrates how the basic guaranteed

elements fit together for a typical whole life policy, where

the level annual premiums are payable to age 100, and

the guaranteed cash value grows to equal the policy face

amount at age 100:

Whole life policy guarantees



Guaranteed face amount


level premiums

Age at issue Age

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