Hanasab Insurance Services Life/Annuity/Employee Benefits

Life & Annuity

Hanasab Insurance Services places a high degree of importance upon the value of life insurance in providing the capital needed to mitigate financial liabilities and taxes at death. Whether its ensuring financial security for your loved ones or meeting business obligations, our highly qualified personnel are well versed in analyzing your needs and recommending a program that coincides with your budgetary constraints.

Hanasab Insurance Services Life/Annuity/Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Today, more than ever, an employee benefits package plays a major role in a company’s ability to attract and retain high caliber employees. Hanasab Insurance helps employers in the implementation, and administration of fringe benefit programs. We do this to provide financial safeguards for your employees. Despite the number of employees you have; we are capable of providing the most comprehensive and competitive insurance available.

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