Private Clients

Private Client

Hanasab Insurance offers distinctive Insurance Services to create custom solutions designed to meet your personal insurance needs. Your home and possessions help to make up the quality of life you worked hard to build.

Hanasab Insurance works hard to ensure you are sheltered by the best insurance protection offered in every aspect, from coverage to flexibility to cost.



Are You in the Entertainment Industry?

If so, please contact us for a quote for all your entertainment insurance needs. Hanasab Insurance Services, Inc’s Private Client division has the experience to properly facilitate your entertainment insurance needs.

Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

We pride ourselves on this division because of the unique coverage tailored to sports & leisure activities and sports & leisure venues. Our specialty programs offer full tailored insurance for the following activities & venues:

  • Roller Skating Facilities
  • Ice Skating Facilities
  • Bowling Centers
  • Family Fun Centers
  • Go Kart Facilities
  • Laser Tag
  • Arcades
  • Miniature Golf Centers
  • Billiards
  • Restaurants/Concessions including Liquor

Operators can sleep better at night knowing that their facility and their activities are covered by a reputable financially sound insurance company. Hanasab Insurance Services offers a buffet of insurance products to all venue owners and operators.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Your company is only as strong as your employees are.

Today, more than ever, an employee benefits package plays a major role in a company’s ability to attract and retain high caliber employees. Hanasab Insurance helps employers in the implementation, and administration of fringe benefit programs. We do this to provide financial safeguards for your employees. Despite the number of employees you have; we are capable of providing the most comprehensive and competitive insurance available.



Hanasab Insurance Services provides a comprehensive program to property owners who lease or rent building space used for offices, service businesses, retail stores, light industrial, or light manufacturing. Parking areas may be included in the coverage if used by the building occupant and customers.


Hanasab Insurance Services makes getting insurance painless, and quick.

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The best insurance products available from A Ratted carriers.

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Our insurance brokerage offers carefully selected markets to serve and support our clientele. We deliver a wide spectrum of benefits to clients, ranging from the most intricate corporate/ professional business insurance needs to Private Client Services for individuals and families.

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