Hanasab Insurance Services Life and Annuity

Hanasab Insurance Services places a high degree of importance upon the value of life insurance in providing the capital needed to mitigate financial liabilities and taxes at death. Whether its ensuring financial security for your loved ones or meeting business obligations, our highly qualified personnel are well versed in analyzing your needs and recommending a program that coincides with your budgetary constraints.

A diversity of products as summarized hereunder, are available through Hanasab Insurance Services:

-Term Life
-Whole Life
-Universal Life
-Joint and Survivorship (Second to Die) Life
-Key Person Life
-Buy-Sell Agreements
-Split Dollar

The significance of retirement planning for Americans cannot be diminished in light of the fact that we as a nation save less per capita as compared to other industrialized nations of the free world. In addition, our reliance on the government to adequately subsidize our retirement is a major concern, hence the need to supplement retirement income.

There are essentially two types of annuities that we offer:…………………………………..

-Fixed Annuity
-Benefits to Consider:
Receive specified amount of income during retirement
Earnings grow tax- deferred until withdrawal

Hanasab Insurance Services Life and Annuity

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